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#4 Product of the DayOctober 18, 2017

Storyline makes it easy for non-tech people to create, test, and publish complex voice applications in minutes, using templates and visual mind-map interface. There is no need to code anything or setup servers. It’s like a Squarespace for voice apps.

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Thanks for sharing Storyline, @chrismessina! Hey everyone, welcome to Storyline! 👏 15 years ago, when I was watching Star Trek, I was amazed. They could literally make machines do something using only their voice. Now, it’s happening everywhere. There’s no doubt that voice applications are going to completely change the way we all live our daily lives. But the creation of voice apps is still broken. We believe that you don’t have to be a developer to share your story and create a presence in the emerging voice space. We keep complex tech behind the scenes and make it easy to create, test, and publish voice apps in minutes, using simple mind-map interface and pre-built templates. There’s no need to code anything and setup servers. And this is all available today! Sign up for Storyline and let us know if we’ve simplified the process of creating voice apps. P.S. check out our special template for Product Hunt, it’s fun and has a question about @rrhoover! 😉
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@vasili_shinkorenko Nice one, thanks! I've just set up a simple app to ask my kids in the morning if they're feeling happy or sad, and respond accordingly (with a 'great! have a fun day' if they're happy, or a joke if they're sad). I can't wait to try it out tomorrow morning! There's a load of potential in this!
Looks awesome! Do you plan to support templates? We'd love to add voice bots to
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@agamanyuk that's the secret plan! Our app makers already built a few ready to use :) We definitely need to chat 😉
@vasili_shinkorenko sounds good, let's start with something simple and see how It goes. We have good organic traffic for alexa skills on, I believe there is a demand.

Excited to build something!


Super Simple. Makes it so easy for a beginner to work with Alexa.



Thanks James!
This is Awesome! Now I only need something to make hmmmm
This is such a simple tool to design conversations. I remember following a workshop on chatbot summit in Berlin from Amazon. So complicated with github etc... this is flawless! Great 👍 work!
@dominique thanks Dominique, appreciate that!