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Hi Product Hunt fam! My name is Damon Nam and I’m the Founder and CEO of Storyline. We started working on our platform last Summer and are proud to publicly announce the availability of our product for both iOS and the web. Storyline, is a storytelling app where you can collaboratively create and share group videos of your favorite moments together. Imagine SnapChat for Groups + YouTube. Stories are automatically published to your very own Storyline Web profile where you can share and relive these memories together at any time. Consider us free online cloud storage for your memories. 😃 While I'm extremely proud of our team and our accomplishments to-date, the following quote from Reid Hoffman’s holds true (as our beta only represents a fraction of our overall vision): "If You're Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You've Launched Too Late.” Nonetheless, we encourage you to try Storyline and welcome any feedback that you may have. We recognize that this is a marathon, are ready to listen, and will continue to iterate so that Storyline becomes your favorite platform to create and store memories. Our team at Storyline is extremely excited and look forward to this journey with you. Much respect.
I think this is something Snapchat should (and still could) do... collaborative Stories with your friends/groups. Nice idea :)
@bentossell Thanks Ben! It's certainly a risk; however, SnapChat's business model is built off of the premise of being ephemeral. We believe that our value lies in both group storytelling and the ability to preserve your stories. Much similar to how users leverage and consume content on YouTube. A perfect use case of this is Mark Suster's Our vision is to become the premier video destination for short-format organic videos (meanwhile creating tools such as Storyline to help facilitate the creation of content). Our V1 rendition of this vision is here: The beauty in this is that video is exploding and the market is certainly large enough to support many players. We hope to play a part in it. 😃
@nomadman oh yeah I wasnt saying it as 'why are you doing this if snapchat could' - it was just a general observation about a format I thought snapchat would explore. I definitely think a platform for friends to collab on videos is a great idea so im intrigued to see how it goes!
@bentossell No worries at all. I certainly wasn't trying to be argumentative. ;) Rather, just merely adding more context.
Congrats on the launch! Love it!! 📕📕📕
Neat idea! :D Wish I could try the app out, D. Congrats on your launch!
@everywheresean Thanks! I'm assuming that you are on Android? We're looking to support that in the near future.