A new viewing experience for Twitter by Mark Cuban

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It's a pain in the ass in twitter when something important to you happens and you want to know what a specific account you follow thinks about the situation Now you search your time line or do a search for the account then scroll through that accounts tweets No more with storyline A trade happens and u want to know what your fave sports commentators say, go right to their account and swipe easily through their tweets Breaking headlines and your time line is full of nonsense from people you can't remember why you follow , jump right to the authoritative account you want to hear from Using Twitter with storyline makes the experience far more valuable, faster, easier Within days you will find yourself reading more tweets and getting far more value from those tweets than ever before Try it and let me know ow what you think
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@mcuban What inspired this? What's on the roadmap for this? Is this a business for you, or a side project? If it's a business, are you worried about building a business around a platform you don't own
@msitver @mcuban it was out of need. Twitter was becoming less and less viable because of all the noise. We learned alot from our Cyber Dust users about how they get to information quickly. So we applied the same concepts. And yes its a business. THere is risk, but if we can dramatically change twitter for the better, my guess is that they will recognize its better to work with us
@mcuban anyway to contact you regarding this app and another app that would interest you similar to this?
@mcuban Twitter introduced "what you missed", surfacing compelling tweets users may not have seen and is said to be working on a non-chronological, algorithm-based feed similar to Facebook's news feed. I.e., Twitter might start to solve some of the challenges Storyline is designed to address. Does this concern you?
@rrhoover not even close. They guess and its actually annoying the way they have implemented. People use twitter in different ways. But one thing that has become certain, we all follow too many people and are afraid to delete them because of what we might miss when they comment on a topic that is important to us. With Storyline, if there is something happening right now and there is an account whose tweets you think will be helpful/informative/entertaining, whatever, its far easier in storyline to go right to that person If there is something pertaining to Shark Tank or The Mavs, would you rather trace through your timeline, have to remember my handle and then search for me , and then look for the relevant tweets, if any on twitter or use StoryLine and scroll down to mcuban from an alphabetical list and then swipe through my tweets to see my thoughts ? One is cumbersome the other is immediate. every day there is something we would like to hear from our twitter follows about, but every day our timelined is jammed with everything from the 100, 200, 300, or more people we follow. With Storyline you can quickly go to the account that you care about at that point in time. all What you missed does is fill up your time line with more stuff that they are guessing is relevant. not with Storyline. its faster, easier, more impactful
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@mcuban Have you guys thought about incorporating the ability to search by keyword/hashtag and see tweets from only people you follow? The Twitter app can do it, but it's buried 6 clicks deep and most people don't know it even exists. Something like that would allow you to view thoughts on a specific topic from people you follow without having to view each person individually (as they may not have weighed in on the subject yet). P.S. Looking forward to some Android love for this!
Thanks for checking out the app! For the past couple of months we have been hard at work building Storyline. Most people follow hundreds of users on Twitter and spend a large amount of time scrolling through their feeds everyday. While some people may check their feeds in the morning or before bed, others stay “plugged in” all day and are constantly refreshing their feeds to see what their friends are sharing. Because most of us struggle to find time to stay connected all day, we have developed an entirely new viewing experience for Twitter. Storyline delivers tweets from the past 24 hours. These tweets are clustered by user, allowing you to easily swipe through all of a user’s tweets from the past day. After a tweet is viewed it is removed from Storyline and never shown again. This prevents you from viewing duplicate content and allows you to finally have a stopping point with social media — which we call reaching “Social Media Zero”. We will be adding Storyline for many other social networks to make it even easier to consume and interact with content. While Storyline is only available for iOS devices, an Android update will be coming shortly. Feel free to contact us directly at if you have any questions or comments :)
AH NO. From the App Store description: 'Once you view a tweet it will never be shown again. This prevents you from seeing duplicate content and allows you to reach "Social Media Zero"'. Social media zero isn't even a concept that'd entered my head before... I never expected to be able to reach the end of the stream. As a completionist, the idea that I might have a chance to do so will ruin me... downloading the app. Social media zero better be easy to reach in Storyline, makers.
On a somewhat off topic but related note, my dream Twitter client would provide the following simple modified timeline --> Tweets from people I follow but only if the tweet has above 100% more favs OR retweets than the user's trailing 30-day average for those two metrics