Add related blogs, images and Twitter feeds into your video

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Hi Product Hunt! This is Guy, Product Designer at Storygami. We are all super excited to release the first public beta of Storygami, a web app that lets you add related content such as blogs, image galleries, Twitter feeds and more, directly into your videos. We’ve tried to make the process as simple as possible. So after sign up, go ahead and create: 1. Choose one of our ready themes 2. Copy and paste your video URL (currently YouTube and Vimeo only) 3. Add your content into your video using our layer editor 4. Hit publish, copy and paste the enhanced embed anywhere you want! We wanted to get past the novelty of ‘interactive video’ - mostly clickable, shoppable links up until now - and create something with content at its heart. Our intent was to offer something useful for publishers, video creators or anyone with a story to tell, so that they could tell it with context. We're a pretty bold team and it's probably accurate to say this is kind of an obsession for us. ☺ TL;DR: Watch our product video - AMA!
Kudos, guys. So excited to see this product grow and grow. It's an amazing paltform already!
@turndog_million Amazing - thanks Turndog. After you've had a play - let us know what you think. Would love to see your videos layered.