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I think that TC hurt your approach - I just signed up and submitted a story and found that my story was lost in news. There is a need that your name and logo is trying to solve - stories. This is a different than news which currently dominates your space. News is a dime a dozen. I would focus on stories, interviews, blogs and sponsor authors that curate authentic opinion. Just my two cents. Could be really powerful.
@tayler2412 I love the feedback, I think you have a really good point here, probably a good approach could be to focus more on publishing platforms like Medium and invite bloggers to join, I think we are actually going to try this. I'm really glad you joined Storyfeed Tayler :)
@mauri_saavedra ! Yes! It's really a cool product, simple and easy to submit rich content. I can't wait to see how it evolves
There is a loooooot of TC stories on there haha :) For me, I like relying on people I follow on Twitter for news (Nuzzel) or just Twitter. I also feel the big stories always seem to bubble up for me to take notice anyway. I like the idea of a feed for stories but feel it may become overwhelming as there is so much content added each day. Will there be a community curation side of things here? Or purely up/downvotes
@bentossell looks like someone imported the TechCrunch RSS feed. I don't really get the draw here... to your point, Ben — without a community or perspective on what makes a good "story", it seems like just another undifferentiated aggregator.
@bentossell haha yes, we added TC rss to the site for testing. At the beginning purely up/downvotes, but it's a great idea to implement something like community curation in the future.
Thank you Eric for hunting Storyfeed! I'm Mauri one of the founders. Basically what we want to do here is a "Product Hunt" style application for stories based in the geographical location, the source and the topic of the story. This is the beta version and I'd love to get as much feedback as possible so we can improve the product :) Thank you PH community Regards
In Storyfeed, all the stories, no matter where they come from, have the same importance and will be part of the world feed where everyone can read and vote for them. This means that thousands of people from all over the world will read your stories and every time you open the website you will find new stories of people from different countries, cities and places.