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Kadira team does it again. Looking forward to the launch @arunoda. The example shows a PR that has one story. But in reality a PR might change multiple components and hence have multiple stories. How can I keep track of all the stories in this case?
Thanks @mikeswcho. Yes. Storybook could contain multiple stories and you can access them all. Also, we build storybooks for every commit in the PR, so, you can compare them as well.
Looking forward to the replacement of http://react-components.com/ that uses Storybook to preview components ๐Ÿ˜€
@brunolemos Yeah. That's something we are looking at. Hope everyone would help us by attaching storybooks into their projects. We also added GitHub page deployment https://github.com/kadirahq/reac...
This is an extended version the React Storybook[0] we launched few weeks ago. With Storybooks.io, you can access your storybooks right next to any GitHub pull request. Then, it's easy to review UI features without running a demo app. We are launching Storybooks.io in few weeks, really looking forward your comments and ideas. [0] - https://github.com/kadirahq/reac...
holy!!! #upvote
When Simple does not mean simpler. I think your product is focusing on a very narrow niche so at a first glance I wonder why you choose such a simple layout (less brand identity easier to forget). First thought was time... but then I realize how effective the UX was. It's a product focused for developers who use the storybooks framework, who already know the tool and just need to go in production ASAP. Maybe later I'll just add a video introduction. Good luck with your project @arunoda ! Greetings from Italy.
@nick88msn Thanks. You are correct. It's both time and for the developers who use React Storybook or willing to use it. We'll starting with React and then we'll add support for more including iOS and Android too.