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Hello Product Hunt community, many thanks for visiting our page. I would like to share with you our story and tell about our nearest plans. We have built Storybacker as a cozy place for YouTube and Instagram bloggers and their stories. Below you can have a look at the list of our essential features that are available in the MVP: ∙ Explore the top social media influencers of YouTube and Instagram ∙ Watch hot and popular vlogs, photos and stories ∙ Discover bloggers’ live profiles (we aggregate up to 4 different channels and accounts into one Storybacker profile) ∙ Use themes and categories to find and select the right influencers (photo bloggers and vloggers) ∙ Select the content language of influencers’ vlogs and posts (currently Storybacker supports 2 languages: English and Russian, we are expecting to add more languages shortly) ∙ Organize and launch the proper ad campaigns to promote your product, service or startup (if needed, get the quality assistance from Storybacker team so that everything went well) From MVP to high performance platform, we are planning to build the most engaged media network shortly. By using some of our secret sauces we expect to resolve numerous problems with boring photo & video content, spam and overloaded social media networks with fake profiles and scam. In addition, Storybacker will help with wide range of different services, from leveraging of new technologies for bloggers and followers to promotion and product placement for startups and businesses. We appreciate any feedback from Product Hunt community and will be glad to answer any questions. Please share with us what you think about the following: ∙ Whole concept of searching and discovering social media influencers and their content (vlogs, posts and stories) (?) ∙ Arrangement of promotional campaigns and product placement with influencers (?) ∙ Which features you would like to see on our platform in the next versions (?) Please do not forget to visit our website, to explore our platform, learn more about what we are doing and during the registration add a secret code: PH01 to get access to our hidden features once we launch them.
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Tell us how do you add bloggers to your platform? How fast are you doing that? When we could expect niche bloggers like woodworkers or weird one like ASMR?
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Curious about this as well!
@vladkorobov Hi Vlad, thank you so much for your feedback! Actually, anyone is able to contribute different bloggers through the form on our website. We will review contribution request, and if the information that was provided fits our concept, we will contact with influencer and add him soon to our network. We also allow to add and contribute the niche bloggers too, but their vlogs and photo blogs should not look like TV show.
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@vladkorobov @dan_zaitsev Don't you need explicit permission from the creators do add them to your site? Especially under the GPDR, I believe that it should be of some concern to your business because as per my understanding you are in clear violation. All it would take is a single creator to disagree with you storing your data. I do, however, think that StoryBacker is a fantastic idea, the platform looks absolutely brilliant, and I wish you all the best!
@alexjpanagis Thank you so much Alex for this amazing feedback. Sure we negotiate with bloggers and creators too, before of adding them to SB. Plus we are using open API that allows us to get data from open and shared profiles + content - legally. But you gave us an amazing feedback to think how to improve all these processes. Regards, Dan