Story View for WordPress

Create story-like versions of your posts and grow engagement

Use Story View to grab the attention of your visitors with a short attention span. Highlight the most important parts of your articles in a story-like format, with images and short sentences for better engagement.
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👋 Hi Everyone, there is no break on the maker train, here comes my 4th product 😸 I've built Story View to help content creators keep their visitors inside their own platform. Here is how it works: - create a post the way you usually do - select the most important parts and use them to create a highlighted version of your article - use the simple combination of images and short texts to communicate your message - enjoy, that users will stay on your site to read the full article because of the highlights This is just one use case Story View can help you with. It's also perfect to create a step by step guide for a recipe, to highlight the most important parts of an event, to share your favorite scenes or characters from a movie, etc. As always, looking for your feedback. 🎉 Launch offer ✨ Thanks to the guys at MFY (especially @jovisjoseph), if you purchase Story View today, you'll get a lifetime 50% off (save 20$ every month) access to their platform. About MFY: With MFY set up automated campaigns and customer funnels in Facebook Messenger. For bloggers and content creators, MFY can supercharge their content marketing with conversational campaigns in Facebook Messenger with 80% open rates compared to less than 10% open rates of emails. What you get from the tool: Multiple widgets to collect Facebook Subscriber Facebook Messenger Broadcast and automated sequences Smart Behavioral based subscriber segmentation Get the offer at
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@jovisjoseph @feriforgacs Hey dude great work. I love the simplicity of this and see how so many people would love it. How is it going, the marketing and getting the word out on everything. Love the concept
@drew_dunn1 Hi Drew, thank you. So far, so good :) I should definitely work on my distribution and marketing strategy. I was focusing on shipping the main features of the product first, but I think now it's ready for a wider audience.
@feriforgacs Very cool. With still being new to this community and learning everything, what type of traffic were you getting
@drew_dunn1 on the day of launch, I got 692 visitors on the landing page, 197 on the second day. 2 purchases on the first, and 2 other purchases on the second day.
@feriforgacs Awesome stuff. Well I love your stuff. I think it is really cool. Did you just post, or did you have hunters helping you out?
This is something I always wanted in every blog post out there. Imagine going through highlights of every post before taking the leap and reading the whole stuff. Finally a real use for the Story format. And thank you @feriforgacs for letting MFY be a part of this great product launch.
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Hey I was just wondering does each slides in the stories automatically transition to next slide after a definite amount of time like stories in IG and FB. In the demos the slides only change when I click on them. Am I missing something here?
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@shibil_mathew But since its mainly targeted towards Blog posts i would prefer the slide to change only on user interaction.
@shibil_mathew yep, no auto-slide here. Users need to tap or swipe (or use the keyboard arrows) to go to the previous, next slides. My hypothesis is that it's better not to use auto-slide when users need to read something as everyone reads with different speeds. (personally, I'm not a fan of auto-slide). If I implemented auto-slide than I had to add pause on tap, or something like that as well. I'm curious what do you think about this.
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@shibil_mathew no auto-slider, def not useful
Very cool plugin. Loved it. Can we put a subscription box in the pop up ?
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@sujesh_thekkepatt1 thank you. At the moment, you can't but this is a feature on top of my todo list.
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@feriforgacs looking forward to it
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@sujesh_thekkepatt1 hey Sujesh. Custom blocks with shortcode and custom HTML code support are now available in the plugin. Here is a demo with an embedded MailChimp form: You can add almost any kind of HTML to these blocks. Let me know what you think.
I'd even see this being a a great alternative to AMP articles. Looks like a streamlined process for any creator to easily adopt the new format!
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