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The modeling industry has remained unchallenged by innovation for a long time. It's also been plagued with a history of unfair and underhanded practices. The founding team of Story Models is a professional model and professional photographer and have faced these problems. Story Models was created to provide opportunities for brands and models to connect and work together directly, on their own terms and without involving a traditional agency. It's free to join and they only take a small commission on completed jobs. What's in it for the models? - Low commission (10% as opposed to 33%) - Faster payments in 2 weeks as opposed to 3 months (standard industry cycle) - Career Independence What's in it for the brands? - Low commission (10% as opposed to 20%) - Transparent pricing - Total control of the booking process Sounds like a game changer to me!
@kwdinc Thanks for the Hunt. Just to let you all know that we're only UK based at present but we do have global plans!
Congrats on launching! Assuming this is (initially?) aimed mainly at smaller brands and those models who don't have fulltime agents etc? Or am I mis-representing it? I know very little about the industry, but it definitely seems like a much-needed bit of innovation.
@neilcocker Hi Neil. Yes, initially we are working with emerging brands however, most professional models have non-exclusive contract and are free to work with whom-ever. 90% of our models have mother agencies.
so it like some jobs platform for models? LinkedIn for models?
@kostyarypta It's a curated marketplace to hire professional models directly. No agency needed.
Love it - unfair industries are ripe for disruption as transparency destroys their closed system.
Air bnb for Models :)