The levitating timepiece

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 26, 2017
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Hey guys! We'd love to share Flyte's new journey with you: STORY. A small introduction first. One of the most common and shared aspects of us, humans, is time. No matter where, all of us think of time in 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 12 hours, months, years. We are somewhat imprisoned in those numbers that, in fact, carry a lot of more meaning than we think. STORY was conceived from a fascination and passion on how we all perceive time, which can be quite different from one person to the other, even if we are locked in those same numbers, and also our love for levitating objects - you can check Flyte and Lyfe. It’s a timepiece that can be personalized and set according to our most unique moments, no matter if it’s for 10 minutes or a decade from now. In the Journey Mode, the chrome sphere will orbit around a wooden base counting the time of a date of your choice, like travel plans for next year, for example, or a marathon 6 months from now. There are 2 other modes: Clock Mode, using the chrome sphere to tell the hours, and also a Timer Mode, very useful for short term activities, like office meetings or cooking a special dinner at home. Other features include a backlit display, which can be set to visualize different light patterns, like moon phases and the sun, and also multiple orientations (vertical, horizontal and 60-degree-angle), which we worked really hard to achieve. Flyte’s new STORY is available for pledges on Kickstarter and it got funded within a few hours. It comes in two different models for now, Ash and Walnut, and you can check all the details here: Would be great to hear your thoughts about it. Thank you. Daniel Mascarenhas & Rodrigo Bardin
@rodrigobardin Man, I just love this. I think you passion and courage to follow something that might not be necessarily as useful or as accurate as other products, but just much more beautiful and mystic, is very admirable. The thing that strikes me most seeing the response you got on your Kickstarter is the need that people obviously have for simple beauty. We're always in a hurry, we're always looking to be more efficient, more productive, more everything. And what you did with Story is just tell everyone "slow down, gain some perspective". Amazing work and I'm genuinely very happy for you and the support you're getting.
@baboon Thank you very much, Horea. That's exactly it. Means a lot to read what you wrote here and how people are reacting to STORY, even with new ideas on how to use it. We're very excited and looking forward to have the final product. Again, thank you for the support. Rodrigo
@rodrigobardin Yeah, I can only imagine how excited you must be :) Congrats again!
I wish I could afford to get one of these. Beautiful and would be proud to have one of these share my space.
I'll buy all devices, which can levitate. Love levitation. Thank you guys!
Very cool product!
Wow, this certainly looks like quite the conversation piece!