Schedule Instagram Stories from your web browser - FREE Beta

Storrito lets you schedule Instagram stories from your browser, free plan includes 10 posts per month. The beta is completely FREE. Pick a date and Storrito will do the rest.

Our editor supports Instagram hash-, user- and geo-tags. Edit your images and videos directly in your web browser.

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This would be beautiful. The only companies that have versions of this are charging astronomical rates that dont make sense for us little guys. I must ask though, have the recent Instagram changes affected Storrito?
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@cellus_christie hi, I guess you are talking about the recent Instagram API changes? Fortunately Storrito is not affected by these changes. Yes, we try to keep the pricing simple and affordable :) We also solved the "difficult features", like video editing with support for Instagram geo-, hash- and user-tags, while many other products only offer upload and scheduling.
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easy to manage desktop editor, love the scheduling feature
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Does this violate Instagram ToS?
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@aubron we try to conform to the Instagram ToS by only allowing Instagram story posts (no stuff like auto-follow, auto-like etc.). We automate the Instagram Android app to do the story posting. Hopefully Instagram will offer story posts via its Graph API soon.
This is an awesome product. Some of the editing features are not terribly intuitive, but the product WORKS! It posts on time, from your PC. I was so tired of trying to use my Android to post stories that I wanted to look good, since they represent my company. I'm too old to be trying to manipulate everything on a tiny screen, and it's Storrito to the rescue. It even resizes, allows you to use animated GIFS or MP4s, has great animated templates, and when you can't figure out something, the founders are right there with help. So impressed!
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@beachnyc thank you very much :)
@webermaximilian Are you simulating an Instagram user session on the backend with the username and password?
@dineshsprabu we automate the Instagram Android app to do the posting. However we would definitely prefer a password-less OAuth flow and we are looking forward to when Instagram finally adds story posting to their Graph API.
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@webermaximilian Thanks for clarifying it. Good work.
@dineshsprabu thank you very much. By the way Storrito can also be used as online story editor, since you can download each edited image or video, even if you don't like to connect your Instagram account. Mobile apps for iOS and Android will follow, but you can already open in your mobile Chrome and download the desired story image or video directly to your smart phone.
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