Software-defined distributed storage.

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  • Joanna Isac
    Joanna IsacSales & Marketing Associate

    Managing StorPool is simpler than our previous storage system, especially having a CLI option which our previous storage system was lacking


    Graphical interface is for monitoring and stats, but not for operations.

    The StorPool solution delivers as promised. StorPool has proven to be one of the best vendors we have had the pleasure to deal with in over 20 years in the hosting industry.

    With StorPool, we now offer our customers a high performance, SSD based storage system. Compared to the storage we used before, StorPool is much faster. Providing our customers with a fast shared storage system ensures customer satisfaction and growth. Due to the quality of StorPool, and the high level of support, we now spend less time managing the solution. This allows our technical staff to focus on core duties and new business projects.

    We would recommend StorPool without reservation, to anyone who needs what they offer. The StorPool solution has met or exceeded our expectations. StorPool’s staff has been highly responsive, competent, and has performed their duties in a professional manner.

    Joanna Isac has used this product for one year.
  • Michael Kutzner
    Michael KutznerCEO, virtion GmbH

    We chose StorPool not just because of the better price/performance ratio, but also because of the easy installation and management.


    Support for VMware is with iSCSI at this point. This is fine, but we're waiting for the full VMware integration they are working on.

    We needed a solution, which could enable us to provide cost efficient block storage in our virtualization layers. Our old setups lacked performance and flexibility. We were in need of a solution, which can be also implemented without any impact on the production environment.

    We chose StorPool not just because of the better price/performance ratio, but also because StorPool managed to offer us smooth implementation without an impact on our production environment. StorPool’s biggest advantages are the high availability of the system, hardware failure handling, and performance. The OpenNebula integration and ease of operation were also crucial. The OpenNebula integration was also crucial

    StorPool helped us provide our customers with cost-efficient IT solutions. We received rich functionality and high performance at a reasonable price. StorPool provides high transaction performance for systems like databases, without the disadvantages of local SSD RAID systems, but with similar performance.

    Before StorPool, we were using a NFS based solution. Unfortunately it was not scalable enough. We had a very strict set of criteria when choosing a replacement of the existing storage solution.

    We did a comparison of the TCO and benefits, which can be delivered by StorPool, CEPH and LizardFS and StorPool was better than the other options and was fully supported solution with an SLA. Pricing is based on capacity utilized and is pay-as-you grow, which is unique on the market.

    Storpool is definitely worth considering, if you need a fast, reliable and fully supported shared storage solution.

    Michael Kutzner has used this product for one year.


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