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Hello everyone, Storm it is simple app that allows you to add or collect your ideas / thoughts and share them as a Tweetstorm on Twitter. The app basically helps you to - Storm your ideas on Twitter maintaining the response chain - Preview the tweets as they will appear in the timeline - Automatically add the count to your tweetstorm - 1/N or 1/ - Store all ideas as drafts (forecasted) and editable if they aren’t tweetstormed yet - Send single tweets (less that 140 characters… 1/n or 1/ will not be added) - Collect all your tweetstorms in one place Wanted to keep it simple and clean :)
@sonaal Plans for an iOS app? :)
@marsh931 in the making - should be a week or so :)
@sonaal Awesome look forward to it! Is there somewhere I can sign up to be notified when it launches?
@marsh931 best to follow us on twitter @nfnlabs :)
Fascinating how people come up with things Twitter should obviously be taking care of.
@sarthakgh supposedly Twitter is working on 10K character tweets. When it will launch is anyone's guess. 😔
@chrismessina @sarthakgh Twitter is not a blog, it shouldn't do something like 10k posts. It's called "tweet" for a reason. But this app is great for it.
I've seen some storms on Twitter, not the weather like. It's way simpler, instead of having to Tweet yourself everytime, just type a paragraph, and send it!
iOS or it didn't happen