Stork Undershirts Introduces Gray

Subscription service for better-fitting undershirts

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Stork is a subscription undershirt service, and just launch their V2 fit along with a new color, gray. Love these undershirts and @ryanhoover may like them as well πŸ˜‰. Congrats to Greg on the launch
Thanks for the Hunt, @ryandawidjan! We're really excited to launch our gray undershirts to the Product Hunt community! You can try a Stork undershirt for $5 via the 'get it' link above when you choose a plan or if you'd like to just buy a few shirts and not subscribe you can do that as well. If you have questions, I’m happy to answer in the comment section. Thanks again for the support!
@gregmschwartz @ryandawidjan I'm excited for the new gray color. I love the shirts I have so far. Really nice material and great fit!
@adamkornfield @ryandawidjan Thanks for the kind words Adam!
I've been rocking two Stork shirts for 2 weeks now. TBH initially I was a bit skeptical - there are a lot of good shirts out there (so I thought). The combo of fit and fabric are special, I get excited when they pop back up in the cleaning cycle. Nice work, Greg and team! πŸ‘•πŸ”₯
@khemaridh Thanks for the kind words Khe, and glad you're enjoying your undershirts!
looking good!
@alexadelman Thanks for the note Alex!
So excited for Stork to be expanding with a new color. The fit, feel, and look of the shirts makes it clear they are better than your everyday undershirt. Congrats to the Stork team. *typed while wearing a Stork shirt*
@kunaltandon Boom, love it - thanks Kunal!