Make Instagram Stories Ads for your brand by Shakr & HubSpot

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Stories is the hottest content and ad formats these days. Making great looking vertical video content (AKA “Stories) whether for Snapchat or Instagram is hard for brands. makes it super quick and easy to create high-quality Instagram Stories. Check it out for yourself, the experience is pretty smooth.
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@hnshah thanks for hunting us Hiten, we're super excited about launching this free tool together with HubSpot! We think that we're in the middle of a shift in how we use social media, with the Stories format being at the forefront of content and product discovery. Today Instagram Stories has more than 200M DAU, and more and more marketers are beginning to experiment with the format. But making great video content in the vertical format is difficult, and whilst we definitely think that the more "candid/live/unedited" style will have a big place both for users and brands, we think that there's a need for a simple tool to create great Stories Ads to promote your products, raise brand awareness and drive conversions. We've been working with a number of brands running ads made with this tool as sponsored Instagram Stories and they're seeing amazing results and ROI.
@hnshah thank you for sharing this! My colleague @antoneliasson got me into the Stories format, and after seeing what some top Instagrammers like Gary Vaynerchuk are doing in Stories, I was sold on Stories as the next News Feed. It's tremendously important for brands to get involved. A week after we sat down with Facebook to discuss vertical video, we put together our first batch of vertical video designs -- they looked great, and brands that tested them early on we're getting great results. democratizes access to vertical video for brands of all sizes.
@hnshah Thanks for hunting. Creating videos that look good and are effective is non-trivial. Love tools that make this easier for mere mortals.
You guys read my mind. Just two days ago I wanted to do a quick ad test on IG stories. I looked for something like this and found a couple of iOS apps, but they were too basic. So I ended up wasting my time because my motion graphics skills are a bit rusty. This is really welcomed, and I hope you keep developing it!
@nscmnto Awesome to hear Bruno, we will definitely keep updating it! Shameless plug, we have even more IG Stories compatible video designs/templates over at (with each style having multiple versions). If you end up using any of them as ads on IG Stories, feel free to reach out and let us know how it went!
This looks amazing :)
@findabhilash thanks! Would love to see the videos you make with Can you please post them here?
Looks great and congrats. How did the collaboration with HubSpot happen and what are the specifics of the relationship? I'd imagine it was your dev, their marketing, but am curious to hear more if you can share. Thanks!
Cool stuff! +1
@doshkim thanks for upvoting!