Master complex materials through short daily stories.

Stories is a mobile learning app with online-courses in a short story format. Using machine learning it selects an ideally matching teacher for every student. Reducing efforts for mastering complex materials.

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This seems interesting and I love education based apps, but I'm a bit confused as to how this actually works. Can you explain a bit more what the courses look like? Maybe a video would be clearer.
@dkb868 Hi Dmitri, after some discussion we decide to make a quick update for our app with a demo mode for each course. It'll be available earlier next week. So, please signup and we will alert you. And thank you, today you open my eyes 👍
Hey Product Hunt, My name is Nikita. With my co-founder Kirill we want to help you to simplify the process of mastering complex materials. Primarily related to the Complex Systems Sciences. We’ve spent some time on research, two months on development and Today we're proud to announce the first version of Stories iOS app. For now we offer introduction courses about Network Theory and Complex systems. You don’t need motivating yourself to complete the course. We will try making you stay engaged till the end. We will genuinely appreciate your feedback, and you know how it’s crucial for defining further way. Best of luck, Nikita
This is great.
I'm also unclear about what this actually does. Are there already made stories or is it a tool to create our own. If it's the latter this could be really neat for prototyping.
@orhantheturk Hi Orhan, product consist of two parts. First, browser tool for creating courses, that can be "neat for prototyping". Second, mobile app for students, through we distribute the courses.