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Daniel van der MerweMaker@danieljvdm · Co-Founder, Storie
If anyone has any questions about Storie, feel free to ask! We launched two days ago and have had some really awesome growth and are starting to see a community of video-makers start to form.
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · gen z insights. formerly @ProductHunt
@danieljvdm What made you want to build this app? There's been quite a lot of video apps lately. What sets you guys apart? Or how do you plan on competing with them?
Daniel van der MerweMaker@danieljvdm · Co-Founder, Storie
@tzhongg We were frustrated by lack of meaningful content coming out of the super short-form video apps like Vine, Insta, and Snapchat and wanted to create a community in which anyone (even those who don't have $1000+ cameras and editing software) could create and tell their stories to the world. We see video apps as split between those with good communities (like Vine, Insta) and those with just great creation UX's. We've created something that we believe to be one of the easiest ways to make a video while ensuring that the app is built on top of a social network that can enable a community to flourish. Already we've seen not only high-profile YouTubers adopt the app, but also people new to creating without a social media presence who are getting their own traction. It's pretty cool.
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · gen z insights. formerly @ProductHunt
@danieljvdm Nice nice. The UI is pretty similar to Insta -- I dig it! How big is your team right now? Do you guys work remotely? I see that you're in NYC, @nickmillerza in Cape Town/SFand @funforlouis in UK -- what are your guys' favorite tools for working remotely and what are some problems you guys have faced with that or with the startup in general? Also have you guys checked out @mindieapp?
Daniel van der MerweMaker@danieljvdm · Co-Founder, Storie
@tzhongg We went for something that was already familiar with users. We're 6 people and work remotely right now. I'm actually in Cape Town with Nick (we're both South African) and Louis was just here for over a month. We're planning on going to SF pretty soon. Slack is a godsend for managing remote teams (we use Asana and Trello too). The main downside to working remotely is the lack of being able to share excitement with each other, but Nick and I see each other enough to make it work :) I love Mindie - we actually use their open source video recorder in Storie.
Max Beaumont@maxpbeaumont · CEO, Beaumont LLC
@danieljvdm What do you see as your biggest challenge over the coming months being?