The best way to analyse your Instagram Stories πŸ“ˆ πŸ¦„

Stori is helping Social Media Agencies and Instagram Influencers getting the most out from their stories: it is the best way to analyze the performance of your Instagram Stories.

Organize your stories, share them with collaborators or clients and download all your media whenever you want with 1 click, it's really so simple!

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Hi there, i'm Francesco and I created Stori. Right now it's really difficult to export insights from Instagram Stories and save all stories for social media reports. Stori simplifies accessing these data and also sharing them with who you want, like Clients, Brands that currently are sponsoring your Stories or colleagues. Any question? I'm here to answer!
It looks a great product surfing the amazing growing of Instagram Stories. Maybe you could use a different color 😊
@marcogurnari Thank you! I could release the possibility to choose between this palette and another one (less pinky) in the future πŸ˜‰
What's the charting library you are using? And great work!
@theshapguy I'm using Recharts, a React.js library.
very cool! I would find something like this very useful.