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@markkawano Congratulations on this release. I've really enjoyed using the beta. This is a bold pivot, but I think a smart move for Storehouse in the long run. I've had Storehouse on my phone since right after launch, but I've always been only a consumer due to the fact that I'm very critical about the photographic work I share online. I just didn't have the time to create photo essays that I was proud enough to put out there to the world. I was definitely part of the 90% lurker community. With Storehouse 2.0, I'm creating very personal stories about my son that I really enjoy sharing with my family. I've been waiting forever for Day One to allow multiple photo uploads in journal entries, so Storehouse provides a welcome platform for creating this type of mixed media with photos, text, and video. So you've flipped at least one user to become a creator on your platform, and I would consider that a success. Storehouse has an industry-leading UX, so I'm really looking forward to see what other editing and layout tools you provide for creators in future.
The mission sounds a lot like @cluster Perhaps you guys should compare notes with @mulligan and @taylorhughes I'd love to see a private sharing model work, but I imagine it's tough from a growth perspective.
@noaml Honestly, reading the blog post about this made us all chuckle, because it's exactly what we did with Cluster about 18 months ago. We even transitioned to use the term "spaces" for the private albums. (guessing they arrived at that word the same way we did, which was it was the most neutral world that resonated with everyone during user testing). Private group sharing is powerful and we obviously still love it since Cluster is growing faster than ever before. However, it's tiny growth compared to public sharing models. I'm always the first to say I hope to be wrong. There are just a lot of people who've tried this.
@noaml What sets Storehouse apart from group sharing is the focus on storytelling through interactive content. Another app that takes this storytelling approach is [Sunlit](
Hey, @markkawano! In your update announcement, you said, "we removed almost all of the social media features including followers, hashtags, republishing, and the timeline." It's bold to remove features like following from a community. Why did you remove these things?
congrats ! on this releasing app it is a bolt pivot but i think it is a new move to store house 2.0.