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I like the application of simple visual storytelling to mobile. Reminds me of, which I've loved following.
There's a lot of movement in the publishing/storytelling space. Storehouse is from a team of ex-Apple, Facebook, and The Daily folks, according to this @panzer's TC article: P.S. their homepage (above the fold) looks way too similar to Squarespace (
Yeah, there is @rrhoover, some of the team that made flash recently announced their storytelling startup:
Movement is right @rrhoover - Seems like there's all kinds popping up following the meteoric rise of algorithm-distributed, user-generated content models... all leaning towards minimalist UX. (Whisper being one of my favorites for the social aspects/granular interactions.) My question on distribution would be; How likely is Apple to do a rev-share deal in exchange for promoting these kinds of apps? Do they have a track record of that kind of behavior? Or do they effectively get that anyway through in-app purchase volume? Curious to hear whether people have had experience with this kid of thing.
@ReubenMetcalfe I haven't seen apple do that, and I don't think they'd start. Their IAP volume is so good as is and I think devs would cry foul if they started real publishing relationships. Though the Apple feature spots are a bit of a kingmaker as it is and a huge acquisition channel for chosen apps.