Store Screens

Create app store screenshots right from your phone

Making promotional screenshots for the App Store is tedious: it takes time and it's hard for non-designers.

Store Screens is the way to making cool-looking screenshots, for iPhone and iPad without the struggle.

Have a try, it's free :)

Loved it man 😍
@sarthaksharma0 I'm very glad you like it. Please let me know if you make anything with it, I'm thinking of a featured apps thing, with the best apps screenshots made with Store Screens :)
Really nice, not bad for on iPhone screenshots.
This is great! Looking forward to the Android version :) Btw, one slight UX hiccup I experienced was when attempting to delete a screenshot- took me a while to figure out that one will have to long-press in order to access that function. Maybe a more explicit affordance (e.g. a clearer trash can icon?) can be designed for future iterations instead!
@a_tanz first of all, thanks a lot for your words, I really appreciate it :) you are definitely right about this, and that's the problem when you're working on an app quite a lot: you forget about the simplest things that might not be clear indeed for newcomers. thank you very much for helping this app to become better!! also be sure to subscribe to the Android waiting list if you're interested into that one :) have nice day man!
Looks like a great product to streamline the whole process! Can't wait to use this 👍
@eveningkid this looks super cool. Thanks for making this and taking this path. Easy to use and much faster to create the whole thing from the device itself. Kudos.