Store Badge

Display store badges on your website based on the browser

This is a code snippet to display the correct store badges and links on your website based on the browser.
iOS devices will only see the App Store badge and Android devices the Google Play badge. Otherwise, both badges are shown.
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Hi ! πŸ‘‹ This started because I was tired of seeing Play Store badges on my iPhone, next to the App Store one. This uses valuable screen space on mobile devices for a choice that can be easily done by the machine. In fact, displaying links to stores is frequent but getting the official updated badges is complicated. If you are using React, this is also available as a React component (which is used by the snippet internally). Check tout the react-store-badge NPM package! In the future, I would like to add translation support (Apple and Google provide official translations for badges). Also, if this gets enough interest, I think it could be integrated with an analytics solution dedicated to app downloads πŸ˜€ Any thoughts about this? Thanks for your support!