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Thank you for hunting our v2 launch Siddharth - really appreciate it! For Stoplight, this release marks the culmination of 6 months of work polishing the three main parts of our platform (Modeling, Documentation, and Testing). We are very excited to share this with everybody! We also have new documentation over at (yes, we dog-food and that is powered by our own docs product). We are simultaneously launching the beta of our next generation testing and automation product - Stoplight Scenarios - more info about that (and beta signup) over at Excited to share more in the coming months. Here to answer any questions - thanks again Siddharth :).
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We're big fans of StopLight at SendGrid and it has greatly improved our API product process across the board, from design to testing to generating docs and libraries. Check it out:
@bwest Thanks Brandon! Love working with you guys.
Their tools have helped us save years of programming time! As a bonus, their interface is a pleasure to work with. All that, coupled with amazing support, makes me believe this will be THE suite of API tools. I wrote about how we use StopLight and Prism at SendGrid here:
Check out Scenarios hunters! Share what you create here! Adding examples right now! If you already have an account, please log out to see the examples at the link below.
Is Scenarios functionally equivalent to Runscope?
@prmurphy Scenarios are different from what Runscope does. Runscope is meant for monitoring your API after you have deployed it in the wild. Right now, there is no way to schedule scenarios and run them periodically but that is going to come soon. Scenarios are really nice for debugging and catching bugs while you are developing your apis. You could replace all your integration tests for your api.
@prmurphy Great question - we are planning to add light scheduling to scenarios, but nothing as comprehensive as Runscope (in the domain of API monitoring). We're actually chatting with the Runscope guys about a possible Scenario -> Runscope monitor one click flow.