Mock, document, and test your way to API nirvana.

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Slightly off-topic, but your page-hero is absolutely stunning :D
@seanocallahan love it too - such an improvement from the prev one :D
Haven't had chance to try this out yet but it looks awesome so will definitely give it a go soon, even to just have a play. The design on the homepage is a winner as well. Really clean.
@jack_lalley Thank you! Would love to hear what you think as you get into it. We take very piece of feedback seriously, and much of it goes directly into the product. Glad you like the new homepage!
Haven't had time to try yet, but this looks very promising. I like the design + documentation approach. Curious to see how the loop closes!
@paulcothenet Thanks for the kind words! Let us know what you think as you get into it. We'll be closing the loop soon, in an interesting way, stay tuned :).
You can read about the updates here [EDIT] and more updates here :)
@bentossell That's so last week :P. I've cobbled together a quick post for today We're also releasing our hosted documentation integration today, which I will be detailing in a blog post later this afternoon. Happy to answer any questions!
Congrats guys, love it!