StopAd is the ultimate ad blocker for Windows and Mac. This simple, out-of-the-box solution stops all pop-ups, banners, autoplay, and video ads in apps and browsers. Plus, StopAd includes anti-tracking, anti-malware, and anti-cryptomining security features.

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Aloha, Product Hunters! Thanks, @davidrlroberts, for featuring us! I am Vladimir, General Manager at StopAd, and I’m happy to show you guys what we’ve created here and why. Like you, we live our lives online. We shop online, pay our bills online and have quick chats with friends. But over the past few years, we noticed that web surfing became way too cluttered. Instead of getting frustrated, we got to work. But we don’t want to tell you what we think you need to see online—“Hi, Chrome Ad Filter”—or what we were paid to show you— “Hello, ABP acceptable ads!” Instead, we give you a powerful tool to choose for yourself which ads you see and which you don’t. That’s why we created StopAd—an uncompromised ad blocker which stops all kinds of annoying ads and data trackers without exception. It also stops malware and phishing websites from stealing your personal data and halts browser-based cryptocurrency mining. Install StopAd once, and it’ll stop ads on: all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox (forthcoming on Mac), Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari; YouTube and Facebook; games and applications, like Skype. But we are far from done with innovating the best ad blocker in the world! Give us a try and share your feedback here. I’ll be here with my team all day long monitoring your comments and questions—so fire up :) Thanks in advance! P.S. If you decide to try StopAd—grab a free additional month of StopAd PRO. Just follow this link: Thanks a bunch, and we look forward to your feedback!
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@davidrlroberts @volodymyr_sytnikov I used the link, but haven't gotten an email with the key.
@julianmiller Maybe it gets sent to spam? If it's not there please contact us on our Facebook group (, we will send you a new key.

works perfectly in all browsers on my Mac and in Safari on my iPhone, protecting my nervous system from the most dreadful thing in the world – mobile popups :)

also, they've got some awesome content on their blog about the advertising industry and the modern internet in general!


blocks ads on all my devices


I might miss an interesting ad (? highly doubtful)

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Thanks, Marko!

This app blocks ads anywhere - apps, websites, etc. Actually the best adblocker that I've used ever. Using it for like a week on a windows pc.


Blocks everything


None at the moment

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One license for the Internet-free experience regardless the device you use. Much better technology comparing to Browser Extensions resulted in a very efficient blocking of FB, Youtube and literally all types of ads.


Blocks Everything Everywhere, no "Acceptable Ads" BS


It's paid

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Despite StopAd's persistent protestations when I connected with them through their live chat, this app breaks a significant number of your apps, sites, etc. Even basic functions like logging in were broken for many sites, on both Safari and Chrome. StopAd annoyingly insisted each time I reached out to them that it was not their application, although every single time, the issue was immediately resolved after disabling StopAd.

The final straw, however, was when I realized it broke my VPNs. When I connected to either Nord or VPN Unlimited, I could no longer reach any sites. I reached out to StopAd to request information on how to properly uninstall to isolate the issue and see if StopAd was the culprit. Even though I was hit with the refrain of "It's not StopAd," I insisted on getting the removal instructions.

Lo and behold, the second I uninstalled StopAd, *poof* everything worked again. The VPNs were operational again.. Note: if you used the browser extensions, it seemed to pipe things through without issue, but if you used the system wide VPN, I wasn't able to visit any sites so it is related to the way StopAd intercepts/proxies the connection to work its "magic."

Most importantly, though, although it did work with applications beyond just the browsers, it was no more effective than extensions like uBlock - which has the added benefit of not having any idle CPU usage. I simply don't understand what the value add is. With the monthly fee, you're far better off getting a VPN subscription that has its own ad/tracker blocker like Nord. Combined with uBlock, you're more secure and have system wide blocking.

The persistent issues, deflection by support, cpu footprint and seeming incompatibility with VPN make this one to avoid, especially with the existing alternatives that already exist.


Cross application support, live chat


High CPU, expensive, breaks VPN, breaks certain apps, breaks a multitude of websites

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. Apologies for the negative experience you had using StopAd. We’re continuously improving our technology so we would be thankful to you if you could send us your system information and sites/apps that was crashed. Regarding the VPN issues - we are working on fixing them now. The value of StopAd in comparison with extensions is in effective ads removal on all browsers and apps without multiple installs.