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#2 Product of the WeekFebruary 15, 2018

StopAd is the ultimate ad blocker for Windows and Mac. This simple, out-of-the-box solution stops all pop-ups, banners, autoplay, and video ads in apps and browsers. Plus, StopAd includes anti-tracking, anti-malware, and anti-cryptomining security features.


  • Pros: 

    Blocks Everything Everywhere, no "Acceptable Ads" BS


    It's paid

    One license for the Internet-free experience regardless the device you use. Much better technology comparing to Browser Extensions resulted in a very efficient blocking of FB, Youtube and literally all types of ads.

    Yuriy Nos has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Cross application support, live chat


    High CPU, expensive, breaks VPN, breaks certain apps, breaks a multitude of websites

    Despite StopAd's persistent protestations when I connected with them through their live chat, this app breaks a significant number of your apps, sites, etc. Even basic functions like logging in were broken for many sites, on both Safari and Chrome. StopAd annoyingly insisted each time I reached out to them that it was not their application, although every single time, the issue was immediately resolved after disabling StopAd.

    The final straw, however, was when I realized it broke my VPNs. When I connected to either Nord or VPN Unlimited, I could no longer reach any sites. I reached out to StopAd to request information on how to properly uninstall to isolate the issue and see if StopAd was the culprit. Even though I was hit with the refrain of "It's not StopAd," I insisted on getting the removal instructions.

    Lo and behold, the second I uninstalled StopAd, *poof* everything worked again. The VPNs were operational again.. Note: if you used the browser extensions, it seemed to pipe things through without issue, but if you used the system wide VPN, I wasn't able to visit any sites so it is related to the way StopAd intercepts/proxies the connection to work its "magic."

    Most importantly, though, although it did work with applications beyond just the browsers, it was no more effective than extensions like uBlock - which has the added benefit of not having any idle CPU usage. I simply don't understand what the value add is. With the monthly fee, you're far better off getting a VPN subscription that has its own ad/tracker blocker like Nord. Combined with uBlock, you're more secure and have system wide blocking.

    The persistent issues, deflection by support, cpu footprint and seeming incompatibility with VPN make this one to avoid, especially with the existing alternatives that already exist.

    E.T.Cook has used this product for one week.


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Vladimir SytnikovMaker@volodymyr_sytnikov · General Manager at StopAd
Aloha, Product Hunters! Thanks, @davidrlroberts, for featuring us! I am Vladimir, General Manager at StopAd, and I’m happy to show you guys what we’ve created here and why. Like you, we live our lives online. We shop online, pay our bills online and have quick chats with friends. But over the past few years, we noticed that web surfing became way too cluttered. Instead of getting frustrated, we got to work. But we don’t want to tell you what we think you need to see online—“Hi, Chrome Ad Filter”—or what we were paid to show you— “Hello, ABP acceptable ads!” Instead, we give you a powerful tool to choose for yourself which ads you see and which you don’t. That’s why we created StopAd—an uncompromised ad blocker which stops all kinds of annoying ads and data trackers without exception. It also stops malware and phishing websites from stealing your personal data and halts browser-based cryptocurrency mining. Install StopAd once, and it’ll stop ads on: all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox (forthcoming on Mac), Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari; YouTube and Facebook; games and applications, like Skype. But we are far from done with innovating the best ad blocker in the world! Give us a try and share your feedback here. I’ll be here with my team all day long monitoring your comments and questions—so fire up :) Thanks in advance! P.S. If you decide to try StopAd—grab a free additional month of StopAd PRO. Just follow this link: Thanks a bunch, and we look forward to your feedback!
Julian Miller@julianmiller · Founder @Learnmetrics
@davidrlroberts @volodymyr_sytnikov I used the link, but haven't gotten an email with the key.
Artem PryadkinMaker@artem_pryadkin · Product Manager at StopAd
@julianmiller Maybe it gets sent to spam? If it's not there please contact us on our Facebook group (, we will send you a new key.
Eric@terterihei · Yet Another Headline
Pros: Nothing, just use ublock origin Cons: Also nothing
Kristina ZagorulkoMaker@kristina_zagorulko · PR at StopAd, app explorer
@terterihei Have you tried StopAd?) We have nothing (I see, you like this word:) against ublock. But - we have users who moved from ublock to StopAd. Maybe they like that StopAd is an app (not an extension, like ublock) - you install it once and it blocks ads everywhere on your device. Maybe, because StopAd (unlike ublock) has 24/7 support and custom rules creating. Check it, if you want.
Eric@terterihei · Yet Another Headline
Thanks for replying, but: 1. why is an app better than an extension? 2. who even needs 24/7 support for adblocker? 3. ublock also does custom rules creating, umatrix also has it 2. where do you get your filter lists from? why shouldn't anyone think that you just copy the open source filter lists?
Iegor NikolaievMaker@egorka_edge · StopAd Head of User Acquisition
@terterihei Hey Eric, 1. because it blocks ads in all browsers at once and in other apps, obviously 2. The most interesting part - a lot, I tell you this as a person who regularly talks to our current early adopters directly. For example, ad blockers don't manage to block FB ads when FB ad serving algo changes, if something like this happens with StopAd, people adress the issue in the chat and it gets fixed in a few hours. 3. This is a really cool feature and it is especially helpful for advanced users. 4. We use combination of open-source filter list with our own filters and it works seemlesly in a synergy. Right now we're working hard to populate our own proprietary filter base with help of AI which is finding ads on sites with an active ad blocker+open-source filter on
Mattan Ingram@mattaningram · Lead Product Designer at Code Climate
@terterihei The main benefit of an app over an extension is blocking ads in apps that aren't browsers. That being said I'm not sure I want to add another monthly subscription.
Muhammad Vaid@movaid7 · Computer Engineer
@terterihei @mattaningram Can you give me an example of an app it would be useful on?
Becky Ross@beckyross · Tech Student
Cool app. Does it really block ads on Youtube?
Kristina ZagorulkoMaker@kristina_zagorulko · PR at StopAd, app explorer
@beckyross Yes! Just try it - and you will see)
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
@beckyross @kristina_zagorulko I personally don't like this because I care about people I follow on YouTube, and they get paid for the great content they provide us through monetization... At least I pay for YouTube Red and I don't worry about ads on YT.
Iegor NikolaievMaker@egorka_edge · StopAd Head of User Acquisition
@beckyross @kristina_zagorulko @megaroeny Hey Reony, StopAd has a possibility to whitelist certain types of ads or even a specific site. We leave it to the users - if you want to support content creators on YT - you've got it under control with StopAd. And besides that, Youtube shares less ad revenues with content creators as time goes by, so it's far more profitable today for vloggers to make promotional integrations with brands directly. We think that's a way better form of advertising. It is more of a recommendation from a youtube influencer to his audience, not a retargeted video ad that follows you through all of your devices multiple days in a row
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
Kristina ZagorulkoMaker@kristina_zagorulko · PR at StopAd, app explorer
@megaroeny thank you for your interest!
Howard Gerkings@hairynails · Internet security is my BFF
Is it better than ABP?
Iegor NikolaievMaker@egorka_edge · StopAd Head of User Acquisition
@hairynails Hey Howard, it def is. We don't participate in "acceptable ads" and we do block all types of ads in all major browsers and even in other apps. Since StopAd works straight out of the box, we block absolutely all ads by default but you can allow certain types of ads in the settings. If you would have some issue with our app functioning - just adress it to our support chat and you will receive answer just in a few minutes, no matter what time of day it is. And yes, we block FB and youtube ads way better, than ABP. Try it yourself and let me know :)
@hairynails @egorka_edge IMHO better ads standards is meant to be a intermediary between publishers and users. I don't want publishers to end up asking us for memberships and acceptable ads just don't bother me that bad. So I'm sorry but I'm not supporting any product which doesn't participate in "acceptable ads", some of which may even interest me.
Iegor NikolaievMaker@egorka_edge · StopAd Head of User Acquisition
@inthe0n Look, Intheon, we put it this way: the only people who decide what ads are acceptable should be only the users. There is a beautiful ecosystem, where publishers, brands, ad tech and even big ad blockers with their extortion based 'acceptable ads' business model play their role and lastly - carriers, who earn more money from ads loading than publishers them selves. There is only one actor who doesn't have the right to influence the game anyhow - it is the user. A user is only being reviewed as an asset, not a shareholder. We think this is the most unfair part of the whole story. We let users to decide, which types of ads or certain sites to whitelist and to support. ABP is proud that 90% of their users don't opt out of 'acceptable ads'. That's just because it's opt out and the interface isn't user friendly enough to opt-out, on purpose. So, it's you who either chooses for yourself or delegates that to pretty biased third-parties. I can only promise you that if you try our app, it would deliver on what being promised
@egorka_edge so here's my suggestion. Create an actually public acceptable ads list, which everyone can see and vote or use an existing one which doesn't rely on third parties but users, and then recommend to use this list on your app. Otherwise this is gonna end up really bad for users, that's why Google —mostly an ad company— just realeased out its own adblocker based on better ads standars so people stop using unfair adblockers. Yeah, there's some kind of extortion around 'acceptable ads' but, since you guys have a pro version available and is not a non-profit company, you're now making profit thanks to them, so here is the thing: membership for publishers or membership for blocking publishers earnings. It is just unfair and not a good deal neither for the users nor for the publishers, this is not good for anyone:) There Are unfair ads, but there're unfair ad blockers too.
Vladimir SytnikovMaker@volodymyr_sytnikov · General Manager at StopAd
@egorka_edge @inthe0n Generally your idea is impressive. We did hundred of users interviews with different models, but what we found out is that people usually do not want to accept any ads, even "acceptable" ones. That what happens when you want to get easy money by bombarding people with tons of ads every day for 5-7 years. Powerful publishers who work on decent content will never lose their audience and money from subscriptions, sponsored content and cross-marketing activities. Mediators, agencies, reposters, cheap and fake news sites will struggle, but we know that this is the fate of all so-so products. Google's move is just the next step to kill all other ad networks. That's the strategy they are stick to for many years.
Steven Tonson@steventonson · Quality Assurance in Sales Dep.
- Looks good. I'll try.
Kristina ZagorulkoMaker@kristina_zagorulko · PR at StopAd, app explorer
@steventonson Thank you! Come back and share your thoughts then)