Stop Twit Go Ship

Randomly redirect Twitter to PH, IndieHackers or

Stop Twit Go Ship is a Chrome extension that will redirect you randomly to Product Hunt, or if you try to go on Twitter.

⚓ Hope it helps you focus and keep shipping! ⚓

Everyone should download this extension to juice our numbers. KTHX!
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@rrhoover Haha thanks
Hey Product Hunters! Here is a Chrome extension that I made to help me focus 😤 Problem When I'm distracted I procrastinate on Twitter. I hit CMD+T, T, Enter like a reflex and in half a second I'm on Twitter. I can hit this keys twice in a minute. So I get nothing done. 🛠️ Solution The other day I came across this tweet by @thekitze . He wanted an app to redirect Twitter randomly to Product Hunt , Indie Hackers or I thought it would be a funny solution so I made it!
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@wimgz Yesssss
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Really cool extension William :)
wow it is really cool
Amazing extension william