Stop Slacking

Reply to Slack messages via email. Stay focused.

Designed for folks who need to use Slack but:

+ have internet speed or data limitations, or

+ have an established email-based workflow.

Made by Nicki Vance (@wootbeep, and Kevin Lynagh (@lynaghk,

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Email is slow and takes too much time... so someone made Slack. And now because Slack is too much you can reply via email. Can I get notified about these emails in Slack?
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@keithbarney Pair one of the email -> Slack services with Stop Slacking for a nice endless loop. :)
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not a useful idea i'd say
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I like it. Slack started as a "time-saver" alternative to email, but in reality you end up wasting more time with it by checking several threads that do not involve you, etc.
@aviggiano Thanks! I agree. :)
Uh...? Kind of counter-intuitive, no? I mean, it defeats the whole purpose of using Slack to get rid of email exchanges in the first place. If you don't like Slack, then just don't use it?
@andrewdavidj That's what people do, if they can. If you work in an organization that relies only on Slack, you don't have much of a choice. This is providing a little more choice.
No troll: what's the use case for this, @wootbeep?
@rrhoover Thanks for the honest question. The use case is that you have to use Slack because everyone else does but you'd rather use email. So why not use Slack? Stop Slacking was built while I was working out of a campervan in New Zealand - I needed a low bandwidth communication tool (email fits the bill) but I couldn't convince the company I was working with to leave Slack. For a long list of reasons why someone might not want to use Slack: Why use email? I find email a better tool for managing communication (filters and a single chronological list) and staying focused. It's a personal preference.