Stoop 2.0

Now subscribe to YouTube channels alongside your newsletters

#2 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2019
Stoop is your content inbox. Have great email newsletters and videos channels delivered right to your Stoop without clogging your personal inbox, and be well informed without relying on scroll hungry newsfeeds.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone. Making Stoop 2 was a lot of fun. There are tons of little improvements over the first version and one big one: you can now subscribe to YouTube Channels and have new videos delivered right to your Stoop. I think there's something special about the newsletter & video channel combo -- I'm loving using it so far and I hope you will too. Happy to answer anything.
One of my favorite apps of all time. Before Stoop my inbox was a mess and now I'm easily hitting inbox 0, while having all the newsletter organized in a separate app. Already recommended to bunch of friends and they all got hooked. Now curious about the new YouTube feature. My first impression is: Not all the channels that I'm subscribed on YouTube should go into my Stoop. Only the channels which I'm super passionate about, which is one or two. Bear in mind that Stoop can get messy as well, similar to an inbox, if you just blindly subscribe to whatever you find interesting on the web.
@farbodsaraf Thanks Farbod! Play around with the YouTube Channel quantity for sure. They're far easier than newsletters to add and delete. I sub to about 10 channels and it feels right. Some I watch every one, some (i.e. NBA) I scan the incoming feed and mostly just tap "mark all as watched."
i am addicted to stoop for 5 months now. You'll be an addict too
Love the original stoop and this update is great, made some really great improvements here.
Congrats on the 2.0 launch! πŸŽ‰