Stood’s Wooden Laptop Stand is an handcrafted item made in EU, out of European Beech Wood. The Stand and its packaging are FSC certified. It can be customised, and it’s created for anybody who’s looking for affordable (and eco-friendly) Stand easy to carry anywhere.

Works with all Macbook models and has a version for old/thick laptops.

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Looks great! One remark though, the first picture where the user uses the Macbook without external keyboard, that is very bad for ergonomic reasons. You'll destroy your wrists quickly using that. Just a heads up, I would remove that picture and not advise people to do that. Other than that, great laptop stand!
@wraldpyk Thanks for your feedback! About the picture: I don't lie about my products and won't publish pictures that don't show exactly how I use them. That's exactly how i've been using it for over 3 years now (it's me in the pictures :P ) destroyed writs so far :)
@ricricucit when you've used it, doesn't mean it isn't bad. I'm a programmer and behind my machine over 8 hours a day, typing a lot. If I were to use it like that, I'd have RSI within months. No one should be recommending holding your hands like that
@wraldpyk same here (programmer, more than 8h/day for the last 11 years). I'm not recommending anything...I'm showing how I use the product I've built (with or without ext. keyboard).
@ricricucit @wraldpyk to better explain: most of the time your wrists are supported by the body of the laptop, giving a solid, straight base to them...I have now over 2 years of customers using the product and run 5 customers' satisfaction surveys....all good so far! ;)
@ricricucit @wraldpyk He is right though. That is a bad position for people with wrist issues/RSIs. Its great it hasn't affected you but I know if I used the stand that way my hands would be in a world of hurt
I really want to buy Perch for my home (when I actually buy a desk) - However, I do work from coffee shops a lot, being remote so something like Stood really stood 😏 out to me... Think I may have to buy this too! Adding to my shopping list!
@bentossell Perch is a really good product, but completely different. I'm using Stood's laptop stand every day, in every situation. It's easy to travel with, bio ('s wood :P), light, but most importantly: affordable. That's really why i made have a super affordable alternative for those who –like me– sometimes forget things while travelling :P
@ricricucit yeah I'm saying I'm going to go for Perch for my home set up and this will likely be for my coffee-shop situ and travelling! 😜
@bentossell that's great :) thanks for the support!
This is cool! Like the wooden design. Got a similar design to my I use.
@watsontom100 well...That's plastic tho. Stood works only with european FSC wood ;) ....durable and ecological!
Hi product hunters! Excited to be here to collect feedback and inspiration. I hope you like my latest (physical) product!
"Works well with Ableton Push" <----- SOLD!!!!
@joshuapinter ahahah :) thanks!