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A start like no other! After accumulating over 12 years of professional photography experience and hundreds of photos, founder Ed Gregory started this site as a personal project releasing photos free to the public. As the numbers climbed, requests for a more diverse selection of people, locations, and cultures increased. Realizing he could not fill all the demand by himself, he funded a new sponsorship program that provided 12 new photographers with $500 worth of photography equipment. Their only requirement was to contribute 50 photos to the site a month, encouraging personal and creative growth, and work ethic. After just one year, this site had just under a million page views, and 200,000 downloads in 197 countries.
@manda_auror Thank you so much for adding my site.... Its been an awesome and exciting journey so far and I am only just getting started :) I hope you liked todays photos.
Hi there! We are Imaging Mind, a community for Imaging startup founders. Our aim is to connect people around the future of imaging for mutual benefit. We'd love to invite you to our online community (Slack), but unfortunately we do not have your email address. Could you send us a DM on twitter?
Thanks for your practice of receiving publicity and personality releases from the models - it's great to find a site that does this!