Free photo, video, graphics & music for commercial use.

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surprising how many stock photo startups there can be on product hunt, but they all continue to get a large amount of upvotes. Clearly there's so much need that no one company can solve it.
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@_jacksmith I think there is an insatiable appetite for components of content.
@_jacksmith Photos - at least quality photos will always be in demand as redesigning the old will require something new.
You are as a entrepreneur, designer, marketer know a bunch of stock sites of photography, music, illustration and video and you know best what you really need. Is it picture of mountains or cooking, working in the office or fitness, positive pop music or probably dubstep – we are waiting for your message. Help us help you. Please tell us what you need for your work and we do this. Absolutely free.
@alexey_kokov Great job Alexey! I am a hobbyist musician and have released three well-received albums. I'm into releasing them for general use. Is there a way I can release them on Stocky for anyone to use?
@antonis_tsagari Thank you a lot for your message :) We would be happy to see your work on Stocky but we are not ready yet for publishing external content. Law questions... need time to solve it. What we definitely can do is promote your work at our blog if it can help you.
@alexey_kokov as much as i love it. but you have costs (servers) and time and sweat put in. Whats your value out of it?
@alexey_kokov Loved the design, make sure to bring search asap for those of us who do not come for exploration. Do you plan to use advertising when you gain enough traction? What will sustain the project if you don't monetize the product directly?
@supertobi Good question, Tobias. Good question for every startup couse without monetization there is no motivation. And we are planning to monetize. Our content is always going to be free and we are not gonna sell premium products. We are not going to sell anything. And we will not deal with ads. More importantly we will work on quality of our product: aerial, timelapse, web-desing, 4K, 3D are coming soon. We see our project not as usual stock, its a place for native content where manufacturer can publish native content for those who needs this. As an example: if you were a shoes manufacturer, you'd probably want to market your content (photos of your products or even a photostory). At the same time designers, marketers and ecommerce needs this content to sell your products. We see Stocky as a content marketing hub with unique services for manufacturers and free useful content for marketers, designers, enterpreneurs. Native content is not yet in the market but going to be soon hopefully))) Anyway it is to early for us to think about it. Thank you for your message!
Dead tool. Not available anymore.

Please delete @ProductHunt 😿


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What we build is a place with free photos, videos, graphics and music wich we produce by ourself. We do it because we want to see really free for commercial and personal use content. You know plenty of stock photography websites but we do not ask for subscriptions and money. That is the main difference.
@steve__gertz Thank you so much :)