StockTwits + Robinhood Integration

Zero commission trading directly from the StockTwits app

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it sounds like it's had pretty strong uptake. tweet: "About 20% of the people who have opened up the the latest StockTwits app have hooked up a Robinhood account."
@_jacksmith wow. Impressive. Makes sense though. I remember being really impressed with how easy (and natural) it was to link up the accounts
@_jacksmith very strong uptake. Happy to answer any questions.
@_jacksmith Curious to see what the user onboarding process is like. That's really impressive.
From the day @HowardLindzon invested in Robinhood he's been talking about a future trading integration directly from StockTwits. And it's finally here -- huge lunch from the @StockTwits & @Robinhoodapp teams (and there's also the zero commission part). I'll add that it's super well designed, very easy to link up your StockTwits and Robinhood accounts, and I live the slide functionality for trading the stock. Congrats to the two teams :)
@nivo0o0 thanks Niv. Early days of consumer finance now that mobile deep linking is here.
@howardlindzon did you propose this partnership as part of investing, or did discussions move to this organically after?
I signed up for the Robinhood app way early. But these guys are not in the UK yet... grrr...
This is awesome! I was using these two manually until now.