Use StockTwits to catch up quickly on the stocks you care about and new market trends. Find out what is happening in the market fast and get insight, updates, sentiment and analysis from thousands of real investors and traders.

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The #1 Social Network for Investors and Traders is now relaunched 100% native and optimized for iOS8. Find out what is happening right now in the stocks you care about, discover new trending stocks, and connect with real investors. A network of investors and traders in your pocket, wherever you go. Let us know what you think!
Happy to answer any questions on the product here today.
@howardlindzon Any chance of integrating earnings calendar & integrating with other services like estimize?
@arjunram its done pretty well in other apps have you tried using @estimizenotify in your stocktwits app...feed it your stocks and it notifies you in stream
@estimizenotify @howardlindzon Interesting. Didnt know about this feature. Loving this release - happy to see this come to fruition
Super cool, love ST - but may have gone with 'StockTwits 4.0 for iOS'. I had to think a minute and go 'who still uses iOS 4.0?'
@terrygseo Thanks! I think PH added the 4.0 at the end. Agree it's a bit confusing, but maybe we should release a StockTwits for Hipsters on iOS 4.0 anyways
Congrats on the launch, @howardlindzon, @zerobeta, and team. StockTwits has been around for a while now. Have you found the market or audience for stock trading change since you began and how has that changed the product?
@zerobeta @rrhoover the audience is moving naturally younger and to the mobile screen. Less is more. Social matters just as much as the fundamental research to a certain investor today. The markets themsleves have not changed much though. We have more tickers, more countries, more investors and more choices of products.
Love the new update!