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Added to my Free Stock Photos collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
Another great site for high res, royalty free stock pictures for use in side project. Great work @cgrimmer!
Just want to clarify that I'm not a Justin Bieber fan boy as per the Twitter handle above... haha
Hey guys! I'm the co-creator of StockSnap. I'd love to hear your suggestions and/or feedback on the site. Thanks for all the love!
@codingdog Hey Marc awesome stuff! Just one quick piece of feedback. Would be really helpful to add meta/twitter/og tags to the individual photo url so that it can be shared in a rich way on social channels.
@ryandawidjan Absolutely! This is actually in the works at the moment
@codingdog Hi Marc, just one question. As I have read the pics have a CC0 1.0 license. How can you certify that the pics have such license? I'm just asking because if someone decides to use it for commercial purposes, he has to be sure that will not be sued for that. :) BTW, gr8 work! :)
@codingdog @nicolasegosum We check the identify of the authors and run each image through a Google reverse image to ensure they're not copyrighted.
@codingdog @cgimmer Thanks for the clarification! 👍
I use it very often, thanks for the great photos ! ;)
StockSnap is great but let's talk about SNAPPA! Wow! Templated, easy, beautiful graphics for pre-designed formats? @codingdog you dog, you.
@rhysmohun Aw shucks! Thanks for the love Rhys :)