Submit your images easily to multiple stock agencies

#5 Product of the DayJuly 20, 2019
StockPro is a platform for photographers who want to sell their images to stock agencies easily.
It allows you to upload your images once, and then they are automatically submitted to multiple stock agencies on your behalf.
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Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce the launch of StockPro! I've been building it for the last 10 months. I had a great time working with photographers during the beta. A little background: After modeling for photographers, I saw them spend hours submitting their images to multiple stock agencies. Some had more than 10 different accounts each with its own submission process and metadata standard. To make good money, photographers are often forced into this very tedious and time-consuming process. I built StockPro to help photographers avoid this tedious submission process. Photographers submit their images once and we automatically dispatch their images to the various stock agencies. Some details on how it works: Photographers upload their images to StockPro. It automatically submits these images to multiple stock agencies. We create and manage dedicated accounts on their behalf. Every time a sale happens, they are notified and can get paid via PayPal. We don't take any commission on their sales. This allows them to increase their sales while spending less time submitting their images and managing different accounts. They have the added benefit of having a central platform that monitors their sales on every agency! What's coming in the near future: At the moment we have integrated Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime. We want to continuously integrate more agencies. So if you're a seasoned veteran of photography or just a new professional just getting started don't hesitate to try StockPro! We would love to hear your feedback and if you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them.
@stockpro Hey Matt, I know for a fact that you'll get your user base if done right, you're solving a real problem. Once you do, how are you planning to monetize?
@igoruphere Hey! Thanks for the kind words Igor. At the moment, it's a subscription based on the number of images photographers want to submit.
@igoruphere @inshaal Easier to explain with a link ;)
@inshaal @stockpro was asking for more of a long-term view on this, but okay. 😉
Such an amazing product supporting creators 🙌
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan ;)
Avery nice work Matthieu, the UX/UI of StockPro is beautiful. I will be excited to be part of the users that will benefit from your solution, keep it up.
@mohruq Thanks for the feedback! If you want, shoot me an email at, we can work this out ;)