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Jack, thanks for posting our mobile app on ProductHunt. We'd love to get everyone's feedback. When it came to bringing the functionality of to mobiles we faced a lot of challenges. How do you "keep it simple" and still useful? Financial apps are so complex and data heavy. We wanted to avoid that. Hope ProductHunters like what we've done. Though this is just of first attempt. We know there is a lot to do. So would really love to get everyone's feedback. Shane PS: you are correct that we are on iTunes and Android. Though Stockflare mobile is also on Kindle Fire. PPS: We tried to do Windows Mobile, but they defeated us. :(
This looks like a great reference/research tool. I've wanted to venture into stocks (gradually) for years. Trying it out.
Jim, thanks a mil for the feedback. The mobile app is more a dip in / dip out tool. For really getting going you'll need the website. Also, for now, there is no "BUY" button. So you'll need an account over at Robinhood / Schwab / Vanguard. But we are working on that too. Shane cc: @noinput
PS: we are also on the Kindle Fire!
I've had some good results buying off Stockflare's recommendations
@_jacksmith that is really great to hear! Though we don't give recommendations. Are just a tool to help you pick stocks yourself.
@_jacksmith by the way, I see you've got a Stockflare portfolio over at Motif Investing :)
@shaneleonard121 yeah, I've got 2. pretty crazy graph showing its performance vs the S&P