Hide stock photos from Google Images

StockBlocker is a free Chrome extension to hide stock photos from Google Images search results.

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@driesdeschepper some feedback on the landing page: The text is in white, and against light backgrounds this is impossible to see, unless you highlight:
@bentossell Hi Ben! That should not have been there. I based myself on a template and never finished it. I've updated my landing page now :-)
StockBlocker saves a lot of time :) Thanks for making this @driesdeschepper, it's really useful. Anyways, I did find a couple of stock images during your on-boarding process, might wanna look into that. Cheers!
@ambonium I think the use of stock images on the site is meant ironically.... I could be wrong ;)
@bentossell I don't know about that, but I meant even after switching on StockBlocker few stock images do show up..
@ambonium oh well that is an issue!
@ambonium Hey Amrith! Glad that you like it! Do you mean stock photos with a watermark? Don't hesitate to share a screenshot. I'll look into it :-)
This is so needed. Awesome.