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Jonathan Widawski — Founder @Pingg, ex @Viceversa
Why can't I access the landing without connecting with facebook/google?!

Raja Simon — Code Hacker
@widawskij This is what I did! => Google Chrome Inspect => delete .loginPopup & .loginPopupOverlay ( uncheck background-color )
Sitashwa Srivastava — founder & ceo, Stockal
@widawskij Thanks for pointing it out. It was unintentional and only meant for inner pages. Fixed now. Also, here's the app for the complete experience
Sitashwa Srivastava — founder & ceo, Stockal
@rajasimon we've removed it altogether from the landing page :) @widawskij
Sitashwa Srivastava — founder & ceo, Stockal
Thanks @nikkielizdemere for hunting Stockal.

We are trying to make stock investing a seamless and holistic experience by getting investing signals, trending stocks, chat and trading together. We've just got started so it'll be great to see everyone's feedback .. what you don't like and what you do like! Also, pls feel free to let us know if there are specific features you want to see here.

We use home-grown, proprietary, algos for much of the analysis and indicators. And btw, Stockal APIs are available too. So if you're building a new fintech/investing/equity research product, do reach out to us.
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