Stock Wall Live for Apple TV

Real-time stock quotes on your Apple TV



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Brian Krall
Brian Krall@bkrall · Lead Front-end Developer, Tovala
Go Bulls! :)
Anthony Glyadchenko
Anthony GlyadchenkoMaker@anthony_glyadchenko
Hey Product Hunt! I'm the developer of Stock Wall Live for Apple TV. Stock Wall Live allows you to easily view quotes on over 25,000 stocks, ETFs, indices and traded commodities. It's the perfect screensaver for your office lobby or conference room, and works just as well for scanning your stock portfolio at home. You can easily customize the list of symbols using voice input and configure advanced display settings. The free version of the app has a limitation of 10 symbols. Unlimited symbols are available with an auto-renewing subscription or a lifetime unlock in-app purchase. Auto-renewing subscriptions are available in the US for $1.99 monthly or $9.99 annually. The lifetime unlock is a one-time purchase of $24.99. I'll be looking forward to your questions and feedback.
Cam Burley
Cam Burley@codecamcode
@anthony_glyadchenko API for this? Any other metrics I can keep in here? Seems similar to Geckoboard.
Love the crypto adds, Cardano isn't currently receiving data but the others are. How can I get the indexes on? Specifically RUT and VIX, but the others like DOW and NASDAQ? Shown in the model on the moonlight webpage as ^VIX and ^IXIC but I can't see them. Subscription only??? Also, what's the time delay?