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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I like this -- great for bloggers. I use Compfight all the time to find royalty-free images. There are a lot of other great stock photography hunts in these search results.
Steve Benjamins — Founder, Site Builder Report
@rrhoover Awesome. Thanks Ryan! Funny you should mention that.

I actually got the idea for Stock Up from the Product Hunt comments for The Stocks. Someone mentioned a search feature would be helpful and I thought that was a good point. So I built Stock Up (which is, simple speaking, The Stocks + search).
Alex Chuang — Managing Director, Launch Academy
@rrhoover I use Compfight as well and also Stocksy, but this is a great find!
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
Before reading the comment properly, all I saw was another stock photo site at the top of Product Hunt and all I could think was "there are so many of these, someone should make a product that amalgamates all of them together".

Well played.
Steve Benjamins — Founder, Site Builder Report
@rossdcurrie That's awesome. Makes me think: I wonder if others felt the same way: ie: "huh, another stock photo site".

If so, I might need to figure out a more succinct way to describe Stock Up. "The best free stock photos in one place" is close, but I'm not sure it's 100% there. Any feedback is welcome!
Danny Sauter — Co-Founder, Bamboo Marketing
@stevebenjamins @rossdcurrie Thought the exact same thing!

How about:
-search engine for free stock photos
-one search, dozens of free stock collections
-like kayak for free stock photo sites
-last free stock image site you'll ever need
-start your free stock image search here
-search hundreds of free stock photo collections
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
@DannySauter @stevebenjamins great way to take feedback in a positive light Steve. So many founders get defensive to people's reactions - you actually went "Wow, if that's what the first reaction is, how can I combat it?"
Steve Benjamins — Founder, Site Builder Report
@rossdcurrie - I appreciate you saying so :)
Steve Benjamins — Founder, Site Builder Report
@DannySauter That gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing!
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