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Steve Benjamins
@stevebenjamins · Founder, Site Builder Report
One thing I would love feedback on: Do you prefer auto-correct? Auto-correct can be handy (ie: "lagh" displays results for "laugh" right now) but it can also be confusing (ie: "coach" displays results for "couch" right now).
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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
After the very successful launch a year ago Here's what's new: - Stock Up now indexes over 9,000 photos across 26 websites - Colour search (example: 'black and white' or 'yellow') - License info available for each individual photo - Most popular photos section - Bugs and duplicate photos have been removed @stevebenjamins - tell us about the progress you'v… See more
Lynn Fredricks
@lynnfredricks · President, Paradigma Software
I like how the license info is included in the roll over.
Elaine Lu
@elaineluyi · Co-Founder & CEO, Visbit Inc.
Really like the site built color search capability. It's a cool and very useful feature.
Andreas Mitschke
@andmitsch · I own a computer
Stock videos would be nice, but I assume the "free" market is not big enough.
Erik Dungan
@callmeed · Engineer @ Fame
Not to hijack, but this highlights an issue I've run into with collections & "version 2" products at PH. I have a collection of "Free stock photography & videos" and already have Stock Up in there. Two hunts that point to the same link. I don't want it in my collection twice and I don't want to constantly search for duplicates. All that to say, colle… See more