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#3 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2015
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After the very successful launch a year ago Here's what's new: - Stock Up now indexes over 9,000 photos across 26 websites - Colour search (example: 'black and white' or 'yellow') - License info available for each individual photo - Most popular photos section - Bugs and duplicate photos have been removed @stevebenjamins - tell us about the progress you've made this past year :)
@bentossell Thanks Ben— you summarized it nicely! One of the things I'm proud of with Stock Up is that all the photos link back to the original photographers. (There are other free stock photo aggregators that don't really give credit to the original photographer.)
@stevebenjamins yeah I think credit needs to be given where it is due!
@stevebenjamins Steve, thank you very much for that, from me (the creator of a free photography website that is indexed on Stock Up) and all of our contributing photographers. This backlink is tremendously important to us!
I like how the license info is included in the roll over.
Really like the site built color search capability. It's a cool and very useful feature.
Stock videos would be nice, but I assume the "free" market is not big enough.
@andmitsch Have a look at There you can find completely free stock videos.
@3runjo @andmitsch Thank you, yet I know some spots, but I though aggregating them here at stockup as well ;)
Not to hijack, but this highlights an issue I've run into with collections & "version 2" products at PH. I have a collection of "Free stock photography & videos" and already have Stock Up in there. Two hunts that point to the same link. I don't want it in my collection twice and I don't want to constantly search for duplicates. All that to say, collections and product updates don't always mix well.