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I like this -- great for bloggers. I use Compfight all the time to find royalty-free images. There are a lot of other great stock photography hunts in these search results.
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@rrhoover Awesome. Thanks Ryan! Funny you should mention that. I actually got the idea for Stock Up from the Product Hunt comments for The Stocks. Someone mentioned a search feature would be helpful and I thought that was a good point. So I built Stock Up (which is, simple speaking, The Stocks + search).
@rrhoover I use Compfight as well and also Stocksy, but this is a great find!
Before reading the comment properly, all I saw was another stock photo site at the top of Product Hunt and all I could think was "there are so many of these, someone should make a product that amalgamates all of them together". Well played.
@rossdcurrie That's awesome. Makes me think: I wonder if others felt the same way: ie: "huh, another stock photo site". If so, I might need to figure out a more succinct way to describe Stock Up. "The best free stock photos in one place" is close, but I'm not sure it's 100% there. Any feedback is welcome!
@stevebenjamins @rossdcurrie Thought the exact same thing! How about: -search engine for free stock photos -one search, dozens of free stock collections -like kayak for free stock photo sites -last free stock image site you'll ever need -start your free stock image search here -search hundreds of free stock photo collections etc.
@DannySauter @stevebenjamins great way to take feedback in a positive light Steve. So many founders get defensive to people's reactions - you actually went "Wow, if that's what the first reaction is, how can I combat it?"
@rossdcurrie - I appreciate you saying so :)
@DannySauter That gets the creative juices flowing. Thanks for sharing!
Hey everyone! I'm a big fan of stock photo sites like Unsplash, but I'm always bummed that they don't have search. Instead you have to browse through all their photos. Stock Up fixes that by making Unsplash (and others) completely searchable :). PS: If you have a stock photo website, and would like to be included on Stock Up, send me an email at steve@sitebuilderreport.com! (I only include sites which have given me permission to index them.)
Search is pretty fast. No longer have to manually scan 100s of photos over countless minutes just to find what we're looking for. Nice job :)
OMG... I love that! I have dozens of bookmarks in my browser for free photos ^^