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Chris Heinrich@chrispheinrich · Co-founder of Triple, physicist
Nice. So, where do you get the picks from?
bclousMaker@bclous · CEO/Founder Stock Genius
@chrispheinrich Many of the world's best investors run hedge funds and are required by the SEC to disclose their stock holdings in a 13-F filing. These filings are made available to the public on the SEC's website. We've been databasing and curating these filings for years, and have focused on 10 fund managers including David Einhorn, Dan Loeb, and Julian Robertson. Each quarter we simply pick the 10 stocks that these 10 investors collectively like the very best. The picks identified by this strategy have significantly outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 7+ years.
Chris Heinrich@chrispheinrich · Co-founder of Triple, physicist
@bclous Cool, thanks for sharing!
bclousMaker@bclous · CEO/Founder Stock Genius
Hi everyone - thanks for checking out Stock Genius - a financial tool that helps you replicate the stock holdings of some of the world's smartest investors in your own portfolio. You can read all about how Stock Genius came to life in this short post:
frizurd@frizurd · Developer
Any plans on creating the app for android?
bclousMaker@bclous · CEO/Founder Stock Genius
@frizurd no plans in the immediate future but hopefully eventually we will get there.