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Don't waste hours on collecting data and online research!

Time... is your most valuable asset in investing. Don't waste it on collecting information. Stock Card is where you can find all the information you need for investing without spending hours on research.

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Hi @hodamehr I really enjoyed reading about why you are building this company on your 'About Us' page could you please share more of the story here and let us know how the beta is going so far? Thanks
@hodamehr Thanks @abadesi! I have always wondered why there are not millions of Warren Buffetts out there? Why don't we have millions of individual investors that can invest on their own and outperform the market? Theoretically, we all have access to the same data, so we should be all very successful investors. After sharing the idea with several friends, I realized most of us don't have the time to go through all data. In addition, for many years, financial gurus told us investing is hard and we should not do it on our own. My co-founder and I created Stock Card to enable the everyday people to become great investors without needing to know complex financial models or spend hours researching. Our Beta is going very well. We have a growing community of users and the product roadmap is coming along nicely. We also have private FB group where we discuss intelligent stock market investing. And, it is growing by a few hundred per week. It's quite fun! Thanks again for featuring us here! It's a pleasure to be in the PH community.
Hi @hodamehr I think you could have a great product coming up. I am curious though, as to how you site differs from something like Stash, which allows you to choose over 40 of their "cards" that follow the same general theme as these do. Giving them certain names and grouping them together. It seems like you have a larger quantity of them, but it's always nice to know more about the differences.
@hodamehr @mastemine Good question! There are a few differences. Stash allows you invest in funds (a collection of individual companies). In other words, Stash is a transactional platform. However, Stock Card is a data visualization and validation platform that shows you how strong each individual company is. We help you make better decisions. Stash helps you execute that decision.
Nice work!
Nice job. Should help investors at the very least have a gauge of some of the key components to long term successful companies.
@_seandavid Thank you very much! Yes, as you said our goal is to make a good investment decision as easy as possible.

A place to share and partake in no nonsense analysis of equities.


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