Stock Alert

Smart alarms for your portfolio of stocks

Stock Alert is the perfect app for monitoring your portfolio of stocks. Easy to get started, beautiful interface and intelligent alarms. Choose between three alarms: trailing stop, day change and target. Set alarm and get notified if you should check the market.
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Hi everyone! If you own stock, then check my app that helps you keep track of your portfolio. I'm here to answer any questions you might have :)
@martin_wickings Just downloaded it. Looks great! I've recently got into trading and during the on-boarding, as a beginner I had a little trouble understanding some of the terminologies like "trailing". Is there any plans to make the app more beginner-friendly. I'm not too sure how that would look but would be great to learn as I use the app. Thank you for building something useful!
Android version in the works?
@irresistibl Its on the roadmap, we are going to search for product-market fit with iOS only. Still a lot of features in the pipeline, that should increase the value of Stock Alert as a service :)
If any questions, please let me know. Thanks for the votes! :)
Great start @martin_wickings ! Out of curiosity, what are the features in your pipeline? Thanks!
@amedeodamore Thanks! Our core engine is now setup, next we will be looking into either helping our users setting the right alarm - or evaluating if they must take action after receiving an alarm. Any suggestions?
@martin_wickings as we can already set the alerts, i'd have thought evaluating the actions on the back of that alert could be useful. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with!
Downloaded, but is not finding some equities, try BRZU for example.
@marcuscoelho Hi Marcus. We have it available, but currently users are limited to searching and finding common stock. Do you think setting alarms on equities would be interesting for many?