Reminds you to take a break from work once in a while

stndup is a small tool that reminds you take a break from work every once in a while.

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Can this be made into an extension so we don't have to go to a web page to run it?
@grberk agreed. would prefer to not have an extra tab open :)
@grberk Hey Glenn, thanks for your kind feebdack! This is definitely something I've considered myself too. I will see if I can make this happen in the near future.
@grberk Nice design. Indeed, that would better fit as a chrome extension. I have been using and then disabling this one : Couldn't stand the pink 30 times a day at some point... 😌

It's a very underestimated problem of our daily life. Humans are just not designed to sit all day (caveman syndrome). I do realize I'm feeling less healthy due to office hours and sitting all day. It will be nice if there is an easy to use chrome extension that will show up on the new tab.


So simple yet brilliant


no easy to use chrome extension

Looks useful for all workaholicks! ;) Can you tell us more about your project?
@learnuxio Hey! Sure thing! What do you want to know?
@hirschwolf Looks like the site is down, is this the end? Thanks for making this product though, I enjoyed it very much!