Tell & share stories with cards

STLLR is a way to easily create & share byte-sized stories or lessons using virtual cards.

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What are the different use cases you see for this, @haashirmohammed?
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Hi @amrith! Nice to hear from you! My original idea was to dedicate a platform for easily creating, storing and sharing fantasies, ideas, concepts and dreams in the form of a story so that these raw ideas can become presentable and entertaining for everybody else to enjoy and read. Now I am not exactly sure if other people have this crazy habit too so I thought of experimenting with this project with the PH community and see how people respond to this idea. Basically, you can do two things: - Demonstrate a process or an idea with each card being a step or feature - Tell a story like in a comic book where 1 card = 1 scene since story = {collection of scenes} You could tell a story of something that doesn’t exist, without being in the place or having accomplished that thing. Hope I this answered your question and please let me know if I’m not clear yet ;)
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@colorswall Oh, thanks for reporting. Will be fixed by today ;)