STKRS - Aka StartupStickers

Custom logo stickers for startups - UK & Europe.

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After many years designing and producing stickers we built a specific website for UK startups. Hope that this is ok to self promote. As you'll see from our website we've produced stickers for Yammer, Rovio and various startups in the UK and Europe.
I'm based in the UK so I might give this a try, but it would be great to have a visual editor on the website, rather than pay via PayPal and only then receive a PDF proof via email. That's one of the things I like best about Moo.
@anthilemoon would love you to try it out and see what you think to the stickers. I understand what you say about the visual editor, though we decided to go for the concierge service, as it is a designer who will create and tweak the cut path to suite your logo something the visual editor plugins struggled with on the die-cute stickers. πŸ˜€
Rick has supported startups here in Newcastle with stickers and wall decor for a few years now- it's great to see this shopfront open for all! I can vouch for the quality and professional attitude.