Create videos with friends by stitching your clips together

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Stitcht is a single place to collect videos of moments shared with friends and

combine them to make stories.

Simply create a Reel and add as many videos as you like. Invite your friends/family/followers to the Reel and they can add their clips too. When you're ready you ca stitch any clips into a single story you can share with anyone anywhere!




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Mike ChristensenHunter@stitcht · Founder
Hi everyone, I've just launched Stitcht on the App Store, currently limited to iOS only. I came up with the idea for Stitcht a few years ago because I noticed that so many of the experiences we share on social media are from a single perspective. Many of the things I shared involved other people and I thought it would be great to have a place where my friends and I could all add clips of things we're doing and then stitch these clips together to create a single video I could share online. The opportunities for using Stitcht really are endless. You can use it for capturing holidays, festivals, weddings, birthday messages, nights out or just for creating funny videos with your friends. Whilst the collaborative feature is our main USP you can also create private Reels. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how you use Stitcht. We're adding lots of new features daily so what you're seeing is our first publicly available version of Stitcht. We like to think of Stitcht as a Vine meets Whatsapp meets Snapchat kind of app! I'm happy to respond to any feedback/questions/comments/new feature ideas. If you like the app please feel free to share within your networks.
Donald Kepler@keplerdonald · Developer | Co-Founder - Itskepler |
Seems Interesting but it should be developed for Android users also.
Mike ChristensenHunter@stitcht · Founder
@keplerdonald Thanks Donald! We definitely want to develop for Android as well. We just had to prioritise one platform first. We will notify PH when an Android version is ready.
Donald Kepler@keplerdonald · Developer | Co-Founder - Itskepler |
@stitcht Thanks Mike, Sure, I'll wait for that day :)
Jane Carson@jcswizle · Jane Carson Marketing Manager @Duplia
We actually made an app very similar to this called Frames.
Mike ChristensenHunter@stitcht · Founder
@jcswizle yeah there are a lot more apps of this nature popping up now. Healthy competition ;) How has it performed?