A template generator with functional CSS

Stitches is a HTML template generator with functional CSS (tailwind.css).

To save time creating similar components for different projects, I created this generator to speed up the process of making web applications or marketing websites. Feel free to use it for your own projects and customize it!

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5 Reviews5.0/5
Super dope! I love Tailwind too!
@chrisschwartze yeah it's cool!
Ah this is sweet. I contemplating building something like this internally so we could rapidly throw together new pages/marketing sites quickly.
@devankoshal nice! feel free to clone the repo and make your own templates. I'm going to write more documentation to explain where to put it, but should be a breeze
This is great!
Nice! Like it!
Played around with it a little and my god is this good. Any plans on adding more features such as selection of fonts, colors etc?
@swiftpolar thanks for asking! Right now I'm leaving customization to those who clone the project and run it locally, but I'd love to add that to the hosted version in the future.